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OCBF are specialists in developing an offshore strategy that protects your privacy, freedom, and wealth. Our experts, and trusted partners, can assist you in developing a realistic plan for resilience.

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Let us help you navigate the complex world of offshore formations with our network of highly vetted, and trusted, partners.

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OCBF can provide you with a range of potential internationalization strategies that will enhance your privacy and make you resilient to government change.

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Our team can prepare a detailed offshore resilience blueprint that will consider your unique circumstances and provide options for residency, tax status, corporate structure, and asset protection.

OCBF can assist you in forming a wide range of offshore companies and trusts that aid in protecting your privacy and wealth. We offer cost effective structures in most major jurisdictions.

A key part of our business is advising and representing clients on company boards and acting as trustees. One of our team can step in to provide nominee services so that you can maintain your privacy.


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The world has never been the same since the pandemic and the regulatory creep that has occurred since. Personal freedom, privacy, and financial confidentiality are all factors that have become incredibly important in 2024. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you navigate these turbulent waters and develop a plan that makes you resilient.

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No! Evading taxes is an illegal activity and something we would never be a party to. OCBF always takes a long-term view and deploying a legal and compliant structure is much more efficient than trying to cheat the system.

This is difficult to answer as it involves a significant amount of factors. However, generally speaking, you can expect to pay between US$1k and US$2k depending on the chosen jurisdiction. There would be additional fees involved if you choose to use our nominee services or wish to have specialist add-ons.

Our Plan-B consultations are our flagship item and take a significant amount of time to produce. The recommendations cover everything from your taxation residency, corporate structures, asset protection, and your personal residency. Typically, these packages cost US$1,299 given the input time it takes to produce them.


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