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Offshore Trusts & Foundations

In today’s overly litigious world, an Asset Protection trust is an essential part of an offshore strategy. Not only does it protect wealth and assets but it also provides an additional layer of privacy that is hard to penetrate. OCBF can assist you in establishing an offshore Asset Protection Trust (APT) in a variety of jurisdictions.

Included Services

  • Consultation
  • Trustee Services
  • Protector Services
  • Expert Team Members

Which Jurisdictions?

OCBF Consulting has formed offshore trusts in a range of countries. However, we typically suggest that clients look towards the Cook Islands or Nevis for Asset Protection Trusts or Liechtenstein or Panama for Foundations.

Do You Provide Trustee or Protector Services?

A large part of our business is supporting clients over the long term. As such, OCBF provides trustee and protector services to many of our clients. This allows us to ensure that your assets are, appropriately, managed to the benefit of your beneficiaries. We will work with you in the initial stages to understand your threat profile and then, in concert with our partners, design a trust agreement/deed and letter of wishes that perfectly fits your circumstances.

Common Question

Generally, the establishment process takes around 2-weeks given there are a few documents that need to be executed. If it is urgent, we suggest you speak to us first before ordering.

The Cook Islands Trust will run you around US$10k but provides the highest level of protection. The Nevis trust is much cheaper at circa US$2k and is still an excellent structure. Foundations can cost significantly more to establish and run.

Absolutely you can, however, there are good reasons not to. If you intend to have an onshore family member or friend act as a trustee, or protector, you should speak to us first for advice.